one day papa achalla was walking down the road. he was trying to find a dank meme for his collection. suddenly, a necromorph appeared and attacked him. he took out his meme rifle and shot the arms of the necromorph, killing it. he called the navy, and they sent in shrek. shrek joined papa on their new adventure.

shrek ate a necromorph Infector that was chasing after them. papa shot a donaldtrumpomorph in the face. suddenly, they find the red marker. it is there. making necromorphs. shrek attempts to eat the marker but fails as shrekamus appears. "moohaha" shrekamus said. "i will foil your evil plan shrekamus" papa said and shot at him. shrekamus disappeared and lord gaben appeared and shot at the marker with his butt, which made half life 3 copies shoot out. it did not work, and shrek had fled. papa was overwhelmed by the necromorphs, and an infector grabbed him and infected him, while herds of necromorphs slashed and clawed at him. he was dead. lord gaben had head back to the sky, knowing he had failed.

necromorphs spread across the world, turning humans into necromorphs. the human race was extinct. they were all dead.

the end. for now.