Shrek (1)
A collection of dankness

helo am poopeh acoocahlla

todey am gonna post mah dank memez m8

xxXPapaNoscoperXxx Edit

One day Papa Acachalla pulled out his quickscoper and noscoped Billy. "SCREW U BILLEH" Papa said. "no jack referencesz" Gertrude said. "i can do whatevah i wunt woman" he then shot Gerty Gurt Gurt off the ceiling and a bunch of birds ate her alive mid air.

"Get Shrekt" "#Rekt" Shrek said before going off to kill Dreks.

keemster_ meemaysEdit

"LOL AM KEEMSTAR XDSDDDDDRDFREDFJSI" kemsyaer rajen down the ffudod ad hit pepe

"Ohbwbefjs" pepe sed n ded

Spodermen n shruk apered

"U wot" shruek sed n ate memestwr


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