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I have deleted all because the author is still continuing this project.

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This is not yet published by the creators but I shall continue it in my own way sorry if you hate it but anyways THE STORY CONTINUES IN ONLY ONE HORRIBLY WROTE PARAGRAPH!

Chapter One: Awakening..

After the explosion, every one was on the ground some groaning is amense pain or nothing as they were knocked out. The two paranormal investigators were out the door (barley) while the acachallas were almost crushed underneath the rubble Sally, gasping for air. Billy still not found, Gertrude hugging her crowbar while papa was unconscious. The fallout crew were even worse Timebomb was 3 miles back and cywen was curled up in a ball with quasar. As for the others they were unseen in all the broken walls,beds and paintings. Ghost and Toast got up they're feet legs and arms were all numb .Ghost began to rub his head only squinting to see an undamaged Aimee infront of him.For some odd reason she was smiling not in an unsettling way but still, "Hello Monsieur I see you are awake." She was holding his bag she took something out of it and dissapeared...

"I have found infomation my lord." "Good,Aimee you shall continue on the quest…"

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