Jordan forgave Dirt for what she did, now, eight years ago, and Dirt forgave Jordan for what he did to her and Torch. She and Torch were going through a divorse. Dirt and Stone became friends again, but it still wasn't the same between Jordan and her... not until the accident.

Isaac made a roller coaster. Stone, Jordan, and Dirt rode it. Enough said.

Dirt and Jordan got away with some broken bones, but Stone wasn't so lucky. The crash caused her Seltelfana (an organ only in stones that they can only live without for a few months) to stop working. The doctors couldn't give her a transplant because, well, her skin was made out of stone, they couldn't cut her open. They supported her right up to her death. It brought Dirt and Jordan closer together, and a few months after Stone's death, things were like they used to be.

But, Dirt still had feelings for Jordan. She tried to get him back, but he shot her down. It was too soon. He knew he needed a new mother for his quadruplets Cobble, Red, Glow, and End (see what they did there), but they were only a year old, and he just wasn't ready.

It's been a year since that happened. Jordan and Dirt are engaged.