"Wake up, come on!" Ghost suddenly awoke to see Toast, Tea, and Twiggy standing over him, worried. "Uh... what happened, h-how are you alive?"

"We were fine, you just had a level 13.9812637491-0.012 class experience. You fainted and started to moan and roll around."

"Oh. Ok, thanks." And with that shock of reality, Ghost became aware of what had occurred, and got up start on the hunt for Sally, who somehow became a level 13.9812637491-0.012 class ghost. The four investigators the received a mysterious phone call. "Hello, meet me at Arlington National Cemetery." And with that, they head off, unaware of what will soon plague them with fear and pain.

"Ok, sir, lets go meet that odd man on the phone."

"Alright then Toast, come with me, and you two, you stay close, we have no idea what is here." Realizing her chance to impress the duo, Twiggy ran off towards the grave were a man was buried, that man, was Papa acachalla. Stay Tuned for More!