Toast and Ghost brought Twiggy and Tea along for backup on their adventure to D.C. They got to the hotel and set up. "So, you two stay here and we'll go to see the president."

"Ok then." Twiggy said, and they set to work.

Meanwhile, Ghost and Toast met with president Billy to discuss the incident at the mansion. "The president can't speak to you right now." Said the secretary.

"Hey, if it isn't the famous duo, Ghost and Toast." Billy appeared out of no where and invited them in. "So, hows it going fellas?"

"Well, Mr. Billy, we need to talk to you about a note we found stating that you will die, and it was signed by Sally under further investigation."

"Sally?! I thought her powers were gone... I guess not."

"Oh, they aren't, trust me." Ghost then went to get some water, leaving Toast and Billy alone.

"So, Toast, how big of a problem is Sally?"

"Sir, from what I know, big."

Billy awkwardly glanced at the windows, "Well, I don't think she's a threat to me or this nation."

Ghost just walked into the room and tripped, spilling water all over Billy. "Ahh!" Billy screamed out in pain, and them a pinkish mist floated out of the room through the window. "Mr. Billy! what happened!?" Toast and Ghost helped him up and he started to explain.

"Guys, thanks for that, Sally possessed me just before your visit, she talked about secrets and murder." He then faints. Ghost and Toast look at each other with worry. They hear a loud scream come from their radios.

"Tea, Twiggy! What just happened!" No reply, the duo race to the hotel to find the door smashed up and blood stained. "One, two, three!" They rush into the room, finding broken equipment, including radios, and blood on the walls. They pick up a radio and attempt to use it. "Hello boys," The voice of Sally filling the room, "Nice to see you, you took away my waffles and know I will take something away from you."

"Those waffles were full of evil energy Sally, and what do you mean?"

"I will take away your friends, employees, leaders... blah blah blah, any way, looks like your friends are gone... come and find me!"

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